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Which is the right house for the family?

The ideas when buying a house are very different. The woman wants to live and the man wants to build. The different ideas then lead to tension within the family.
Colourful house catalogues show a beautiful single-family house and an intact family world. And the house sellers come up with all kinds of ideas so that the future owners will also buy. For example, the neighboring properties are depicted or even shown on the sales poster, and "sold" as a rural idyll, even though the future property line from the building is just 3 meters.

Residential house for a family in the Carpathians
Residential house for a family in the Carpathians

Or rather the German energy-saving standard house.

Country house in Mecklenburg

Here is a current example of what the Leipzig building authorities have approved as a listed building to preserve the village character of the centre of Möckern. Up to now, farmhouses from the 18th and 19th centuries with a small garden have stood in this former village centre. The view of the property before with the idyllic peace and quiet and afterwards.

Garden view
Garden view with listed building with village character

One must therefore also pay attention to whether there are any buildings on the neighboring property which devalue one's own dream property not only optically but also in value by force. This is especially a problem in rural areas when windmills are erected nearby on the neighbouring property. There is no effective protection against infrasound. Even worse are the G5 networks that are under construction. Long before the new technology was introduced, over 230 scientists from more than 40 countries expressed their concern about the increasing exposure to electromagnetic fields.
There is also a financial problem when it comes to loan financing for residential buildings. The real estate value of one's own property falls rapidly below the loan amount due to the encumbrance on the neighbouring property. The bank immediately demands subsequent financing, as the loan amount is higher than the mortgage lending value. As a rule, such properties can hardly be sold or are unsaleable.

The current trend towards the dream home includes a beautifully spacious bathroom, plenty of light through large windows and spacious living areas. Sufficient storage space for the broom or the vacuum cleaner is missing. You cannot simply put them in the cellar like a bicycle. Instead of sunbathing in the small garden at the weekend, one is busy with cleaning and maintaining the house. An easy-care house is not described in a house catalogue.

Engineering offices and architects help with the optimal planning of a new residential building. Your house should remain free of pollutants and mould. But there are also important questions to be clarified during the planning stage. For example, what to do with the many rooms when the children no longer live in the house. It is also bad if you are 80 years old later and the bedroom can only be reached via a narrow staircase.
In a judgement, the [http://news.dashoefer.de/r/link/5ee52d8305bc3400II16423518e48II458bII3b8c26II164237a0c03II3/cid%3D65257%26uid%3D2089843%26from%3DONL-BAUNEW] architect is not entitled to remuneration for planning services in an award procedure. Planning services must be provided in advance anyway. It won't take long and architecture will be degraded to bread-lose art. Consulting services and wood preservation expertises are already that.

Most building owners take a lot of time with the selection of inexpensive or ecological building materials. Certainly there are advantages and disadvantages for the building materials pumice, clay or concrete. For example, a well-executed sand-lime brick construction may be better than an incorrectly planned clay house with cement plaster and diffusion-proof paints.

The difference between renovating an old building and building a new one.

Half-timbered houses in Quedlinburg
Half-timbered houses in Quedlinburg

A fundamental distinction must be made between the renovation of old buildings and the construction of new buildings. The modern construction solutions and building materials cannot be used without further ado for the renovation of old buildings. The older constructions are based on centuries-old building experience. They are constructed in such a way that there is little or no moisture in the building.

Certainly not all historic buildings meet today's energy requirements. For the insulation propagandists, however, all old houses are energetically bad. The builders are supposed to stick styrofoam plates even on thick masonry. The transport of moisture is massively hindered and moisture increases in the wall cross-section. Responsible for this are boundary layers or even barrier layers, the obstruction of capillary transport and diffusion. The functional wooden windows must be replaced by tightly closing plastic windows.

The conversion of older houses and modernizations must therefore be carried out in such a way that the existing building fabric is preserved in its function. Moisture transport in the building is not fully understood because of its complicated interaction, building materials, use and environment. Many experts and building material manufacturers underestimate this fact. The results of theoretical calculations and those of practical experience sometimes diverge widely. The Glaser method is still used as the basis for assessing the moisture transport in a porous building material. It does not take into account the moisture dependence of the water vapour diffusion resistance factor, as capillary transport occurs at higher building material moisture levels.

Talk on construction site on Djerba
We are currently carrying out investigations into the damp-technical and
thermal behaviour of buildings in various countries.

Incorrect renovation of old buildings reduces the coming period of use of the buildings. This is especially true for residential buildings with load-bearing timber constructions. If the moisture at the beam heads is only slightly increased, the feeding activity of wood-destroying insects is increased. But also the inhabitants, who want luxury apartments, are to blame. In case of an old building renovation of the house, everything can be done, but functionally there are changes to the original constructional design. Moisture and mould damage as well as an unhealthy room climate are direct consequences. In addition, there is also the building botch and the wrong planning. Thousands of years of knowledge in the art of building are ignored. The energy saving mania prescribed by law and incorrect insulation recommendations supplement the unsuitable execution of the renovation of old residential buildings.

The construction time and the construction costs for the renovation of an old residential building and for a new building.

It should always be built cheaper and also better. But the building industry is a trade which is very labour-intensive. You cannot compensate for this labour input with unqualified workers.
If you do not know that the awarding of craftsmen's services via auction is only possible at the expense of quality, you should accept a free offer right away. The removal of building botch-ups and the renovation of the poor execution of an old building renovation is usually several times more expensive than the solid craftsman performance.

But quality building materials also have their price. In the case of oversized discount offers, something is wrong with the product. Once installed, these inferior building materials cannot be replaced without problems.

Before you decide to buy a house or to build one yourself, you should have his financial advisor make a profitability calculation for you. In many cases, apartments for rent are cheaper in the long term than your own house. Such arguments, it serves as a retirement provision, a high increase in value or the guarantee of subsidies, should always be considered with caution. What good is it if you lose your job at 50 and have to move, or instead live in a second home most of the time and only know your family by mobile phone.

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