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A home of our own to protect our family and our health or just a capital investment?

A wooden house useful for our biology

The health of the house inhabitants is subordinated to economic and political interests. Instead of natural building materials and sensible constructions, concrete buildings with polystyrene are preferred. One could assume that the population is to be deliberately made ill. Why is the number of mouldy apartments in Germany increasing rapidly? Is it another business model of the disease industry? Many of the unnatural building materials, such as Styropor with the flame retardant HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane), or the wood preservative Pentachlorphenol, which is no longer used today, various adhesives and a myriad of household chemicals pollute the air in the room. Added to this is the constant increase in electromagnetic fields, such as WLAN, 3G network and, particularly dangerous, the planned 5G network.

Mould in the corner of the room

Just how stupid the population is being kept is shown, for example, by a sentence from an e-mail from klimagriff dated 7.6.2017: "Climate change is causing summer condensation to spread. Why cellars are particularly affected..." 1. There is no climate change, because climate is a term. In contrast, the weather can change. (Fruit is also only a term. We do not eat fruit, but an apple, grapes, pears, etc.)
2. The statement is completely taken out of the physical context Water thaws out on a cool surface. In winter it is the cool outer wall and in spring the cool (not insulated) floor to the cellar. Of course this is always related to the level of relative humidity. The article on humidity in the cellar apartment explains the physical relationships.

The experiences of the old master builders are ignored.

Centuries of experience of the old master builders, the specific building material properties as well as physical properties are ignored and lead to sick making living silos.
Dwellings are protective covers for the occupants. They should protect his health and from dangers. This primary task of real estate is increasingly being forgotten in the interest of the eco-industrial complex.

In Germany, a planner or architect must know and comply with about 27,000 laws, ordinances, regulations and standards. There is simply far too little time for the technical and planning services, as is the case with the old master builders, and these services are increasingly restricted by legal framework conditions. Instead, mainly coordinating, contract law and monitoring tasks have to be fulfilled. If, for whatever reason, the tight schedule is not adhered to or the agreed construction costs are exceeded, the planner is just as liable as for an incorrectly executed regulation.

After 9 years the polystyrene facade is renewed. (Kiev)
After 9 years the polystyrene facade is renewed. (Kiev)

The predominant further training measures for architects and civil engineers are offered and carried out by building material manufacturers. In addition to explaining the advantages of their products, the seminars also offer free coffee and a delicious lunch. Subsequently, one receives a certificate of participation recognized for the further training. But where does the citizen or builder-owner get value-neutral information on building?
This is a task that the universities should fulfil in their research. On the other hand, the response of the citizen was for free professional and very informative seminars on building and living,, such as the 1st Citizens' Protection Day in Nuremberg 2013, was very weak.

1. The current building trend is determined by the eco-industrial complex.
2. Energy saving and the renovation of old residential buildings.
3. What is an energy saving house?
4. The policy provides for houses and flats that make people ill.
5. Which is the right residence?
6. Build a house ecologically and economically.
7. The building culture and construction
8. If you build your own home, then the building laws must be observed!
9. A home of our own for the protection of our family and our health or just a capital investment?
10. Find the right information in the jungle of building information.
11. You as a builder-owner have to finance all building measures and conditions!
12. The wrong housing construction and the housing shortage
13. How is knowledge generated in the construction sector?

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