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Politics makes sick houses and apartments

Log cabin in Bytchiv
Example of an ecologically healthy residential building, Log cabin in Velykyi Bychkiv (Zakarpatje Ukraine).

You spend hours searching in various catalogues and on the Internet for information about healthy housing for your family. You will find very little on the German pages about healthy houses in terms of building physics. The civil engineers and architects, who do not support the current insane trend of the green spirit of the age, are becoming fewer and fewer. The current building policy with its tightened energy saving regulations prescribes exactly what the architect has to build. If he does not adhere to it, he is liable to prosecution and liability.

The fact that the construction method is wrong can easily be proven by the enormous increase in mould dwellings in recent years. Profit comes before the health of the population. The lobbyists push their interests through the Chamber of Deputies. The pharmaceutical industry also makes money from a not so healthy population. A gentle and well-considered renovation of existing buildings allows sufficient leeway for the preservation or creation of healthy housing.

The almost explosive energy price increases caused by >uneconomical renewable energies are leading away from ecological construction to residential buildings with an insulating shell made of plastic. You then live analogously to a thermos flask. HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane) the flame retardant is a chemical of particular concern in polystyrene panels, which has an unfavourable effect on reproduction. These insulation boards are glued to facades everywhere.
The United Nations and subsequently the EU have therefore decided on a global [www.umweltbundesamt.de/themen/eu-setzt-verbot-von-flammschutzmittel-hbcd-um] ban on HBCD. [1]

But there are also external influences like electrosmog (5G, WLAN etc.) or the forced LD-lighting, which belong to the concept of controlling mankind. See also the video of Amazing Polly.

Nothing is worse for our biology than fully air-conditioned living spaces. People are forgetting more and more how to cope with the cold or heat. Since we are thermophilic creatures anyway, i.e. we can only live in a narrow temperature range, we limit our living space more and more.

The madness of insulating the facade, which costs twice as much as the cost savings in heating [2] But in Ukraine, too, cheap loans are already being used to advertise facade insulation. The current energy costs are much lower than in Germany. The payback period for the investment is likely to be another 10 to 20 years longer there than in Germany. That is a period where some of the investors are already in the other world.

On the other hand, insulation of the roof, the basement ceiling, the possible replacement of defective old windows and the old heating technology are much more sensible and sometimes save a lot of money on heating.
The associated EEG redistribution from poor to rich and the burdens of the additional grid expansion inevitably lead to energy saving in one's own household and to the avoidance of sufficient hygienic ventilation. The new study (2015) "Are our homes making people sick?" examines the health effects on residents as a result of thermal insulation measures.

Problems that most citizens have not yet understood. A war of faith in the name of climate protection and energy transition, which leads to an increase in mould damage in homes and poses a massive threat to the health of the residents. Construction companies and architects must comply with these legal regulations, otherwise they will become liable to prosecution and incur liability. As citizens, they still have the opportunity to decide for themselves.

The assertion in the print and radio media that the global warming caused by Carbon dioxide emissions (98.8% are of natural origin) is simply false. The terrestrial climate cannot be depicted in a computer model, and certainly not future events can be predicted. It is a chaotic dynamic non-linear cybernetic process, which is influenced by cosmic forces. Even the smallest errors in the input of the underlying parameters lead to gross error results and to false predictions of the models. In the history of the earth, there have always been climate fluctuations, long before mankind even existed.

What motives politicians have for leading their country into the economic abyss must be reconciled with their conscience. It could also be just technical deficits in order to be able to judge the consequences of their decisions for themselves. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, for example, also depends on sponsors for financial security. Without the proclamation of alleged dangers, there would be no or only very few financial subsidies, which are essential for the survival of the institution.

Healthy living without pollutants, mould and damp walls

Work science is concerned with the functionality and climatic conditions in the work rooms (workplace directive). The employees should remain healthy and efficient. Unfortunately there are no comparable regulations or studies for residential buildings. Ecological building has more or less only one recommendation, which has to follow the legal regulations. Conditionally, living concepts such as Feng-Shui help. However, these concepts cannot eliminate planning errors in terms of building physics or the wrong choice of building materials.

Historically grown construction, proven building constructions, rules of architecture and experience are increasingly being forgotten or sacrificed to economic interests.
Instead, large-scale field trials are being carried out with tenants and homeowners, in which disease-causing dwellings have to be built or renovated into such dwellings.
Bert Brecht once said: "There are many ways to kill. You can stick a knife in your belly, stick you in a bad apartment,..."
More and more DIN standards, guidelines and regulations support these activities. This article describes the energetic influences of building materials on human health.

The apartments have primarily the function of protection against weather, animals and unwanted visitors. One should also feel comfortable in them and not fall ill with chronic coughing fits and asthma. The required construction periods are becoming shorter and shorter. All binding agents, such as gypsum, lime and cement, but also the clay wall, require water. This water is chemically bound and the rest must be discharged into the outside air. In the past, the new house was "wintered". During this time the moisture could escape from the masonry. Today, one moves into a house that still has damp walls. The drying process can be shortened by intensive ventilation and increased heating. In order to avoid a luxuriant increase of the molds, one should renounce woodchip wallpaper and emulsion paint on the walls in the first one to two years. Lime paints or silicate paints are better for this period.

[1] Sondermüll an der Fassade, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 28.10.2014
[2] Deutschland im Dämmwahn? 4.4.2013, Online-Redaktion Verlag Dashöfer: Quelle Neue Osanbrücker Zeitung "Neue OZ"-Kommentar zur energetischen Gebäudesanierung

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