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If you are building your own home, then the building laws must be observed!

You know the slogan at the supermarket, "You have a choice!" (The two options: "Take it or leave it.") That also applies to the real estate market. The current building trend is essentially shaped by economic interests and legalized by politics. It doesn't really matter which house you have built. It must meet the requirements of the building law and other legal regulations. The Energy Saving Ordinance is of particular importance. The requirements are becoming more and more stringent. The designs of these houses hardly differ any more. Thin exterior walls and thick thermal insulation. The proposed theoretically determined energy saving effects are occasionally achieved in the desired size. There are only a few practical measurements of the actual energy consumption of experimental houses. However, these are not accessible or have been made to disappear. See an older article on this topic with current additions Do we insulate the houses or the insulation?

In the future, the residential buildings will again be built according to real ecological criteria and without any health consequences for the residents. The vast amounts of useless building regulations will then no longer be needed. There will be only a few regulations (police regulations, building regulations and standards) to ensure that the building does not pose any danger or nuisance to the residents and the environment. The experiences of the old master builders will count again. The architect can then devote himself again to his actual tasks and plan wonderful houses for the people and no longer needs to work his way through the tangle of 27,000 building regulations and standards.

The building efficiency

The new revised EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive will consist of a total of 8 regulations and directives. The following example shows that it also works without these directives and without insulation mania.

Near the village Delenkjur (Delyankyr) near the city of Yakutsk [1], there is supposed to be a 3.5 million old village with a ring-shaped construction similar to the 5,500 year old city of Akaim in the Chelyabinsk region. On 14.01.2019 the day temperature in Delenkjur was -55 °C and the following days it was not warmer. The inhabitants of this region live in such log cabins, completely without styrofoam and mineral wool. (For weather protection and wind resistance, as in the picture, wooden strips are simply nailed on the outside as plaster base and plastered with ordinary exterior plaster as wind and weather protection, as I know it from the wooden houses in the Carpathians.

Meteo-Station - Delyankyr
Weather Station Delyankir

The aim of the new revised EU Building Efficiency Directive is the energetic refurbishment of existing buildings as well, thus making an important contribution to achieving climate protection targets. An additional billions must be spent by builders and homeowners to contribute to the global CO2 reduction of 0.00002808%. The extensive programme is based on legal requirements that promote energy efficiency measures, "renewable" energy and low-emission technologies. By 2050, buildings in Germany should no longer require energy. These ambitious targets can be achieved in two ways. The buildings are simply demolished or the working population moves away from the EU. Then no more energy is needed and consumed. But it is possible to construct ecological buildings, for example from straw panels. But autonomous living on our earth, especially in the EU, is anything but desirable.

We need buildings which do not harm our health!

Below are selected examples of the use of natural building materials for house construction.

A new wooden house in Shayan
Example: A new wooden house in Shayan (Transcarpathia)

Mud house
Historisches Historic residential building made of rammed earth north of Leipzig

Historic stone houses on Djerba
Historic stone houses on Djerba

For the preservation of our health we need sufficiently fresh air low in germs, no chemical pollutants, no elketromagneticinterfering fields and much more. We are biological beings and a part of nature. The natural building materials, such as wood, stone, clay, straw/reed etc., will have the least negative influence on our health. Houses made of these building materials, if constructed correctly, will therefore have a high living value. Constructions built with organic insulation materials impregnated with boron, fungicide and pesticides (sheep's wool, waste paper shreds) represent the opposite. However, this also applies to constructions made of wood or clay which are exposed to constant moisture. A flat roof is the most unfavourable roof form imaginable.

The decline in health is a gradual process, which is hardly noticed but becomes more noticeable in old age. I think sick housing is a component in the interaction with the feed industry and the disease industry. Animal feed is food that is enriched with glyphosate and other carcinogenic, nerve- and mutagenic chemicals. The health care system supported by the pharmaceutical industry has to ensure that the population is in a state of limbo between life and death for as long as possible.

Our soul and our body are under our skin, the 2nd skin is our clothing, the 3rd is our home and the 4th is our social environment. An incomplete list of "poisons" that affect our health:
Anxiety, stress, e-smog, household chemicals, particulate matter, mold, cosmetics, pesticides, chemtrails, aspartame, fluorine, amalgam, glutamate, nicotine, vaccines, drugs, glyphosate, alcohol, aluminum, sugar, infrasound from windmills, etc.
The following diagram helps to understand the interaction of the human energy field with the building and the environment.

Energetic interaction of man and building
1 Cosmic energy, 2 artificial energy fields (radio, WLAN), 3 energy fields from the earth, 4 Energy fields from the building envelope

You can experience the human energy field very easily yourself. Hold your palms parallel at about belly height with your arm bent at a distance of about 5 cm. Concentrate on your hands and slowly move your hands up and around.

As long as you do not put your health and that of your family first, you do not need to think about a biologically healthy house. The first thing you should do is check your attitude to life. If smoking or regular alcohol consumption is necessary. Do not constantly expose yourself to negative information and electrosmog (radio, WLAN, smart home, etc.) and avoid eating industrially processed food, more on this at sydora.de. Slowly you will understand that we live in harmony with the environment and nature.

At this point we would also like to draw your attention to the Anastasia and Family Country Home Movement. In the video A Ein Neues Wir will tell you something about life in these villages.

[1] Boris Bojtschenko; über den Ursprung der Menschheit 6.1.2019, er bezieht sich auf Viktor Kandyba
Foto: Ploshchadka meteostantsii Delyankir yandex.ru

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