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Find the right information about building.

At this point it should be mentioned as representative for numerous psychologically good marketing strategies, how sellers and also manufacturers offer their building products.

The statement on an Internet page, like "mould danger will rise by weather phenomena" are technically complete nonsense. Are however from the marketing point of view psychologically outstanding formulated.
These formulations serve only to increase the turnover of the product supplier. You don't want mould in your home, because especially your children get sick and get allergies. This is generally known and also a fact. The weather is to blame, which is getting worse and worse due to the propagated global warming. So you should prevent and buy the products to avoid mould. Those who believe in such fairy tales of man-made global warming of the post-Bolshevik command economy should visit the blog of the European Institute for Climate and Energy.

Our buildings should protect us from weather phenomena. If there is mold in the apartment, then these buildings are simply wrongly constructed.

The information you can get at the hardware store is product information. In most cases, the staff has been trained in-house in short courses. The knowledge imparted does not replace the knowledge and practical experience of an expert. However, the master drywall builder will offer you a wall covering made of plasterboard and the master mason will offer you a lime plaster. Both will explain the advantages from their point of view.

However, you can also obtain construction information from a corresponding construction journal. The journalist will explain it nicely. But he never had a tool in his hand and certainly never did the work himself.

For larger construction measures it is advisable to involve a planner or expert, who will accompany the construction measures and also accept them.

In this extensive range of different articles, experiences from the building industry and from private research work are offered. These do not have to be right for the respective building in every case. At this point, however, I would like to point out that many thousands of years buildings were constructed for living. For the construction of the buildings the experiences of many generations flowed in. This concerns the choice of natural building materials, clay, stones, reed, wood, skins, fabric and snow or the constructive execution.

Straw covering of a new building in Transcarpathia
Straw covering of a new building in Transcarpathia

It has always been built with regard to the local availability of building materials, the prevailing climate, the economic situation and lifestyle. You should not compare a house in which you live all your life with an industrial building made of concrete, glass and steel. Whereby, of course, concrete is not a bad building material and a window pane is made of glass.

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9. A home of our own for the protection of our family and our health or just a capital investment?
10. Find the right information in the jungle of building information.
11. You as a builder-owner have to finance all building measures and conditions!
12. The wrong housing construction and the housing shortage
13. How is knowledge generated in the construction sector?

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