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5. Examples from other countries on how to renovate a house

The text is translated as Deepl.

1. Building guidebook for correct building and for the preservation of your health
2. Before you buy or plan a house.
3. Learn from our historical building culture and way of life
4. How to avoid and renovate a house that makes you ill!
5. Examples from other countries on how to renovate a house
6. The economic dwelling house

But first a small video of Mascha and the Baer, where a renovation of the house was necessary. (At the end of the video, Mascha is happy that she can renovate once again)


In the following, selected examples of the renovation of older houses are presented. The owner describes with many pictures, how he completely rebuilt and renovated an old house for 40,000 dollars.


In this example you can get a lot of ideas on how an older country house can be designed individually and stylishly indoors. Also in this example you can see many pictures.
A family bought an old dilapidated village school and turned it into a beautiful home for a large family and guests. An extensive explanation with many pictures.

Further useful examples can be found in the marketplace of ideas.

6. The economic dwelling house

A house with massive walls, which opens to the south and was not built in a cool valley, collects solar heat and stores it. Those who have screwed a solar collector onto their roof know that you can gain quite beautiful solar heat energy. Here, the heat energy is stored right in the masonry and without any cables or hoses. This is the amount of heat that does not have to be supplied from the inside by heating. This free solar gain requires no additional technical effort and no maintenance. These are experiences of the art of building. Or just look at the widely used convection heating. This heating is much more uneconomical opposite the radiant heating and is also responsible for the good growth of the molds into the apartments.

If you would like to know how a radiant heating system works, you only need to sunbathe in a wind-protected corner of the garden at 16 to 18°C and then go into the shade. To avoid freezing in the shade, the temperature of the outside air should be a few degrees higher. This is the same as with a convection heater. Every degree of temperature difference in the room air corresponds to a heating energy consumption of about 6%. So already by choosing the right type of heating (not to be confused with a boiler) you can save a lot of energy in the long run.


Saving energy with the right shape of the house

But the shape of the house also plays a role. The igloo of the Eskimos is half a sphere and has the smallest surface area at maximum volume. The German dream house has many small bays, protrusions, edges and dormers with maximum exterior surface and minimum floor space. In other countries, round houses with large volume and small surface area were and are still being built. An example of the outstanding historical architecture is the approximately 200 year old mosque as a monument on Djerba. Our investigations of these buildings confirmed the statements about the living climate of residents who live in comparable buildings. The results of the measurements of the IR-temperatures on the hemisphere confirm a building shape and material use which are optimal for the local climate from an energetic and humidity-technical point of view. The following pictures show our investigations in North Africa.

Measurement of the surface temperature on a dome
Examination of an old building with dome vaulting

Teil 1: If you renovate your house or apartment ecologically.
Teil 2: Learn from our historical building culture and way of life.
Teil 3: How to avoid a house that makes you ill?
Teil 4: Examples from other countries for the renovation of a house.

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